Uncover reality. Discover alliances. Promote allegiances.
Quickly react to disaster. Uncover the truth.

3RE Views™ brings insight to smaller businesses, NGOs, and others.

Reimagining tools and technologies more common to Wall Street,
Third Rail Economy seeks a more sustainable, equitable economy...faster.

Brian Hill founded Third Rail Economy, LLC in 2011.
A pioneer in Wall Street analytics, Brian brings a wealth of information
and experience to the needs of advocacy groups, policy developers, strategists, small businesses, and NGOs.

He previously led Revere Data's research team from 2002 to 2010,
building a financial market framework of industry, supply chain,
and geographic relationships for the world's exchange-traded companies
(acquired by FactSet Research Systems, 2013).

If you would like to know more about 3RE Views™ and how
Third Rail Economy can help your cause, issue, and organization,
please contact us here.